Defining myself, as opposed to being defined by others, is one of the most difficult challenges I face.

-Carol Mosely-Braun

Our Standards

Without a Standard of (self) LOVE, America risks losing over a century of legal and social footing in the plight to adjust to and find a healthy norm in a post-slavery environment. This movement is supported by world renowned scholar and visionary bell hooks’ writings Rock My Soul, Black People and Self Esteem. She provides an in depth view of why Black Americans continue to struggle with fear, self doubt, and even shame – regardless of their socioeconomic or geographic place in America. ALL of America benefits from enhanced self love, regardless of ethnicity.


  • Literacy as the gateway to freedom

  • Comprehension as basis for query

  • Self-expression and recognition through language

  • Access to global information resources

  • Political, economic, and social empowerment via systematic processes


  • Education for the future

  • Conscious consumerism

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Global business

  • Linguistics


  • Political and social inclusion

  • Financially equitable opportunities

  • Criminal justice reformation

  • Civilian engagement reformation

  • Equal education

  • Women’s health and safety


  • Elevation of women’s equality

  • Elevation of men’s abilities

  • Youth value as part of our prosperity

  • Political inclusion

  • Healing shame and trauma

  • End cultural self-loathing


  • Living with integrity

  • Acceptance and inclusion of all of Black America

  • Refusing to be a victim

  • Critical thinking

  • Spiritual principles

  • Protecting and educating our youth

  • Developing a secure, sustainable America for our future

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