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Seven women from the community agreed to name their STOLO for themselves, each other, and the world around them. They gave were challenged to write about it and publish a book in 45 days. They have a plan, but things are happening that they didn't expect. At a minimum, their journey is dynamic. Could we classify their outcomes as a miracle, or can it be replicated?


Values + Self Esteem

Human beings are energy. How and what we use our energy to create is reflective of what's important to us. Being able to easily articulate our values improves the rate in which we make decisions. Ultimately we want to practice values that make us feel better. The sisters embarked on a journey outside of their minds to explore their values in action.


Economic Power + Justice

U.S. consumption is a predator on residents, the global economy, and nature. Food consumption is costing us billions of dollars annually and puts millions of lives at risk. Women are increasingly at risk for underemployment and crushing debt. The STOLO Sisters created a vacuum of support to their community environmentally, economically, and through innovation. The results are in the making now. Tune in August 1, 2019 to see their work.