Healthy self-esteem supports your ability to engage in solution-finding with others, approach new challenges with curiosity, and recover quickly from failure.

Assess the Problem

Big data is showing us that there are 2 drivers in every culture; the permission giver and the influencer.

#SToLO assesses the drivers in order to assess the sentiments of the entire culture. Since the drivers of Blacks in America are on complete opposite spectrums, we’ll be able to assess and deliver a plan that is inclusive of the entire culture.

Address the Problem

Black America has increasing poverty and increased social stressors, despite having education and perceived opportunities. bell hooks discusses that our nation’s dismissal of Black’s historical trauma, systematic oppression via inequity, and consistent negative messaging have done a successful job of exhausting progress and lowering self esteem. SToLO supports individual and communal healing to move forward.

Teach how to Articulate the Problem

Black Americans consume most of their information through entertainment platforms. These mediums inhibit dialogue, critical thinking, or the ability to self-actualize opportunities or threats in real-world environments. Improving reading, comprehension, and verbal interaction provides avenues for collaboration across all cultures.


  • Elevation of women’s equality

  • Elevation of men’s abilities

  • Youth value as part of our prosperity

  • Political inclusion

  • Healing shame and trauma

  • End cultural self-loathing