We want justice towards our future without having to repeat our past.

Political and Social Inclusion

Parity in all levels of government, including policy development is vital to a sustainable future for all America. Social inclusion in ownership of educational and business platforms encourage civic pride and balance for justice.

Financially Equitable Opportunities

People tend to care for what they work for. Increasing opportunity for the competitive and qualified increases equity and prosperity for all.

Equal Education

Literacy is currently considered expensive; however, lack of literacy is more costly to the nation than the cost of access to information. #SToLO supports education reform for a competitive, proactive America.

Criminal Justice Reform

Black and brown Americans are disproportionately incarcerated relative to any other ethnic population. National sentiment has surpassed the boiling point on this issue, yanking our conversations back to the 1960s. National re-training for law enforcement, community engagement, and prison reform are necessary NOW. Without justice in the criminal justice system, there can be no #SToLO because there’s no way for America to say what it means, and mean what it says.

Women's Health & Safety

Black American women literally birthed the foundation of the America we know today. The average net worth of a Black American woman is $100 compared to the Anglo woman’s $41,5006. If we do not support her health and safety, we do not support our own futures, either. Equity and justice for reproductive rights, safety from abuse, income inequality, and social construct must be afforded as a priority for #SToLO.