Let’s allow America to clarify what our desires are instead of being told by people who don’t care to ask. Then, let’s align them across the nation so that we can continue to be progressive in the American landscape for present generations and those to come.
— Maya Ford, Founder

Standard of LOVE is a national empowerment movement intended to motivate Americans to collaborate, adhere to and maintain a ‘rules’ baseline for cultural inclusion in the American diaspora. The movement prioritizes literacy, self esteem, economic power, criminal justice, equality, cultural values, and the sustainability of civil rights acts in action.

Photo from Walters Art Museum

Photo from Walters Art Museum


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The 2016 election has proven that many Americans are seeking something different. Literally, the nation’s popular vote of national leadership is divided. Many can agree that America is a place that’s worth fighting for, but do we agree on what we want. Join the narrative that asks, then works together to see what that means. Literally, ask yourself and everyone around you, “What’s your standard of LOVE?” Talk about it and help us to help ourselves. #SToLO