Education for the future, conscious consumerism, entrepreneurship, global business, and linguistics are paths to economic power.

The goal is to teach the boundaries of the U.S. economic system and how to participate in a way that solidifies economic sustainability without unhealthy dependence on others.


Increase small business ownership to improve financial gain and equity within the community.


Explore and engage in other ethnic demographic languages for inclusion and perhaps a subcultural connection. (Patoise, Yiddish, Creole, Meztiso etc.)

Conscious Consumerism

Black Americans are a 1.2 T dollar consumer, yet statistically, the population has limited assets. We elevate awareness and reframe the purpose of consumerism towards prosperity. Remember that your money matters.

Global Business

There are Black people on every continent and Black Americans are proven global influencers. Drive Black entrepreneurship in the global marketplace to increase U.S. exports, American competency, and enhance domestic economic prowess.